Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cameroon Highland 3rd February 2011 (1st day of Chinese Lunar Year)


Gong Xi Fa Chai and happy bunny year 2011,

My first lunar day of the chinese new year was spent in Cameroon Highland together with family and friends. This is the 4th year that we are doing it. It is like a yearly family homecoming event.

1. Another 1.10km to go

2. Approaching Tringkap

3. Tringkap Community Hall

4. Opposite Community Hall

5. The youngster of Tringkap

6. Lucky draw by the Village Head

7. Karaoke

8. Inside Tringkap

9. Chinese Temple in Tringkap

10. Eugene and PSP

11. Angpow giving

12. Leaving Tringkap

13. At Boh Plantation

14. Among friends (from left to right - Haffiz's small bro, Kesavankes, Haffiz, Haffiz's 2nd bro)

15. (Photo taken in year 2007)







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