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Master Boat Builder at Pu Doyung

Greetings, TUAN HAJI ABDULLAH MUDA (CUSTOM MADE WOODEN YATCH) 3592, Kg. Duyung Besar 20100. Kuala Terengganu Tel: 09 – 936 9500 / 019 - 9369500 Products: Traditional Boats Monday, January 26, 2009 (http://zveloyak.blogspot.com/2009/01/new-boats-for-sale-in-pulau-duyong.html) New Boats for Sale In Pulau Duyong Another of my lifelong passions is boats. Not just any boat - not the tak-tak-tak-nak-smoke-belching type anyway, nor oceanliners - but small boats propelled by muscle, wind, and alright, a small, quiet outboard engine for last-resort use only. And, alright, another and, it has gotta be cheap, as in ... cheap. So, to sustain my interest, I headed out on my faithful Kriss 120 to Pulau Duyong again today. This is Haji Abdullah Muda the world famous boatbuilder of Pulau Duyong entertaining visitors at his boatyard. He is 75 and has been making boats for more than 50 years. That makes him an institution. Older and longer than any boat building school in the country if there is any. In America they would have erected something to honor him. Or make him a professor or something. Here they do too at least at the state level by giving him a contract to run a boatbuilding workshop including upgrading his workshop to what it looks today - yep, it looks the part, wasn't as impressive before of course. He does not smoke, has never been to hospital, and believes walking barefooted on sand and drinking daun pandan juice as a way to keep out of trouble. However he admits to having gout which he keeps under control by drinking the daun pandan juice. "I don't take pills because they are all drugs," he says dismissively. This is Dr Akbar Ali and his family from Ipoh looking over the boats. Inside one of the boats. Haji Abdullah regaling visitors with stories about his experience in boatbuilding. This perahu bedar is nearing completion at another boatyard not far from Hj Abdullah's boatyard. It belongs to the Terengganu state government. This one is built to the design of a Western sailing boat. It measures 60' x 20' x 10'. Such a boat takes about two years to build and costs about RM4 million on the road, er, ready to sail. This particular one is not for sale however. It belongs to the state government. Another Mercedes Kompressor syndrome in the making? Ah, these are the ones available for sale to the public. Don't be misled by the less than examplary showroom condition. Their reputation for durability and seaworthiness is known worldwide. The boats are solidly built of cengal and are in perfect working condition, ready to take to the water at short notice. These two are sailing boats measuring 25' x 9' with a deep, ocean-going keel. They are exact copies of each other. The asking price is RM150,000. This is a boat penambang measuring 35' x 9 with a relatively flat bottom or shoal keel meant for coastal waters, rivers and lakes. Not meant to handle stormy waters. The windows are glass-paned. It is powered by a diesel inboard engine which to me is a no-no because it means smell, noise, vibration and space-robbing (snvs). A recreational boater who doesn't mind the snvs can use it as a liveaboard for cruising, camping and fishing. The price is RM130,000. This is the bigger of the two penambang boats at Abdullah Muda's boatyard. The engine is installed upfront instead of amidship, leaving more space and giving less stress to passengers. Stuff the driver! Measuring 40' x 9', it is selling for RM150,000. Another view of the bigger penambang. My personal comment - as though I haven't pass enough comment already (!), is, these deadweights are not only pigs to move, they are pigs in a poke to buy. But then I'm biased. Scores of the penambangs are plying the waters of rivers and lakes while the reputation of the sailing boats are as solid as the cengal they are made of. Whether the asking price is expensive is subjective but I know it has grounded even an ex Mas pilot who was keen on laying his hand on one before the economy grinded to a crawl, what more to this down-at-the-heel, shares-come-a-cropper of a pensioner. In conclusion, my money is still on a stitch and glue boat kit. For that see another posting. Inquiries: Abdullah Muda h/p: 0199369500 Posted by Zaharan Razak at 9:17 PM 6 comments: Anonymous said... Thks for the pic. and write-up, my interest was on the bigger bot penambang but turning it into a full blown liveonboard with galley & bedding bunks etc,,,,but the RM150k is now long gone!. In fact there are many boat makers at Duyong that you might find interesting too, they make fishing boats etc.(less expensive to Hj Dollah) But your DIY boat is still an interesting subject to monitor her progress later too?. Bila nak balik Labuan ?. There they make canoe from single tree trunk, seen it before...just ask around kpg people near surrender point. Pulau Gaya pump boat made of plywood should also interest you too. Cheers mate, Capt. January 27, 2009 1:09 PM Zaharan Razak said... Yes I saw both types at Labuan and at Putatan, Sabah, too. Apparently, the Filipino Ilanuns (from where we get the word lanun?)and Sulus are good at building simple outrigger fishing boats using plywood and epoxy glue that you can buy at the friendly hardware store nearest you. January 27, 2009 3:13 PM Anonymous said... What Hj Abdullah have done is to produce "boutique" boats. yes Chengal have its usefullness, bit so is FRP/GRP. In order to survive, they Pulau Duyong artisans need to horne in the Chengal boats niche. Otherwise, is has nothing to offer compared to GRP/FRP luxury boats. As a native of Kuala Trengganu and a Naval Architect, it would be a sad day to see these boat builders and their industry be reduced to relics of a bygone era (not unlike Harland & Wolff or that of Clyde shipbulders). MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73 January 28, 2009 10:29 AM Zaharan Razak said... ANON: Your words echo some of my thoughts which I have not expressed here or anywhere. The boatbuilding industry in Pulau Duyong is indeed a niche market not only because it is using a scarce and dwindling resource like the cengal - which in my book should not have been cut down in the first place - but relatedly, its pricing is elitist and economically distorting, it is a want and not a need, it is an effete and alienating symbol. Ethically, I'd go for materials which are sourced from sustainable sources like tree farms. An example would be the Okoumi marine plywood made from trees grown in Senegal. January 28, 2009 11:16 AM Betta said... Thanks for all the wonderful boat posts. *Heaven* January 28, 2009 5:59 PM Rich said... I was in Kuala Terengannu a few years ago. The banks of the river are litterally littered with boats like these, some however are in less than exemplary condition. Maybe they could be listed at Boats For Sale October 2, 2009 11:50 AM Sunday April 3, 2011 (From the Star ) Pak Lah’s sea-ductive creations By FARIK ZOLKEPLI farik@thestar.com.my KUALA TERENGGANU: Starting out from a small hut making sampan more than 50 years ago, Abdullah Muda's boat business has blossomed into an industry that has attracted buyers from across the country and all over the world. Famous for using the high-quality cengal wood, the 74-year-old craftsman, better known as Pak Lah among the locals, started making fishing boats with intricate designs back in 1955. Today, his designs are on small traditional Malay boats and modern yachts. “I have been fascinated by boats since young. I catered to the local fishermen at first and through word of mouth, foreigners came to know about my skills,” he told The Star yesterday. Making waves: Pak Lah standing next to his latest creation, the Warisan Duyong GM 1, in Pulau Duyong yesterday. He said among his foreign clients were two friends from England who ordered identical yachts, each costing about RM300,000. “They waited for more than a year for the yachts to be completed. After it was finished, both set sail around the world,” he said. Abdullah said he also had buyers from Canada, Algeria, Australia, the United States, Denmark and New Zealand. “Most of them are wealthy travellers who don't mind spending a lot to get the yacht of their dreams. “I am fortunate to have such customers, who have helped my business grow over the years,” he said, adding that he also made speedboats, jong Cina (Chinese junk), penambang boats (small cruise vessels) and kolek (small fishing craft). Abdullah said some of his traditional Malay boats resembled those used in the blockbuster epic Hikayat Merong Maha Wangsa. Recently, he also made long boats for another local film, Hanyut, with the help of his six workers. Abdullah said boat-making is not easy. “It is time consuming, especially when we are dealing with technicalities, such as in the making of yachts. “Some vessels cost more than RM1mil and take up to two years to complete,” he said. “It is always an honour when filmmakers want to use my boats in their movies,” he added. On his use of the cengal, Abdullah said it was sturdy and could last in water for up to a century. “This particular type of wood is unique to our country and region.” Asked if his children would continue his legacy, Abdullah, who has five children, said only one son was following in his footsteps. “Hopefully, he can continue this family business,” he added. Ciao My old rugged Suzuki GP 100 up for sale. Anyone interested? 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